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Garmin XERO C1 Mount and Case – XeroMount


Garmin XERO C1 Mount and Case – specialized ARCA and Picatinny mounting rail, designed exclusively for the Garmin XERO C1 Pro chronograph.

Its modularity and adaptable mounting combinations create a simple way to attach your Garmin XERO C1 chronograph to your rifle – a solution that doesn’t impact your point of impact (POI).

Our rail not only promises a secure mount but also features an innovative enclosure for safe storage of your device and tripod. Whether you’re in the field or on the range, our mount offers the versatility to attach to a tripod, ensuring your Garmin is always within reach, secure, and ready for action. Enhance your experience with our compact, robust, and ingeniously designed mounting solution!

Tailor-Made Compatibility

Designed exclusively for the Garmin XERO C1 Pro chronograph, our mount rail ensures a seamless, secure fit. 

The precision-engineered interface allows you to mount your Garmin device directly onto your rifle, providing real-time ballistic data at your fingertips.

Versatile Mounting Options

One clamp that fits both Arca and Picatinny rails.

With dual compatibility for both ARCA and Picatinny rail systems, our mount offers unparalleled adaptability. Whether you’re at the range or in the rugged outdoors, the mount’s flexibility ensures your Garmin is optimally positioned for every shot.

Tripod Mount (1/4-20) thread

Securely mount your Garmin XERO C1 Pro rail to any tripod thread. 

Use your Garmin chronograph included mount with our rail. This will also allow you to mount any ARCA accessory to your rail – such as a mobile stand or even a Kestrel ARCA compatible base.

Flexible Mount Position

You can mount your XeroMount on any side. As long as you have a ARCA or Picatinny rail, they you can use our solution.

NoteWhile Garmin did not specifically design or test the use of this product to be mounted to a rifle, aftermarket manufacturers have tested the device mounted to a variety of rifle calibers and the Xero® C1 Pro chronograph has worked without issue. Garmin does not warranty the product when used in a manner outside of the design content – see Garmin support page.

Tripod (ARCA) Compatibility

For those moments when stability is paramount, our mount rail effortlessly attaches to a tripod. This added versatility ensures you can transition from dynamic shooting scenarios to stationary precision targeting with ease.

Securely mount your Garmin XERO C1 Pro rail to any tripod ARCA compatible clamp.

Integrated Compact Storage Solution

Our unique design includes an innovative enclosing cover that not only protects your Garmin device but also offers convenient storage for the Garmin XERO C1 Pro tripod. 

This feature ensures your essential gear is compact, organized, and ready for immediate use.

Included in the package.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Understanding the needs of the mobile shooter, our mount rail is designed to be as unobtrusive and efficient as possible. The sleek, lightweight construction allows for easy transport and minimal interference with your shooting experience.

Weight 0,6 kg


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