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MagnetoSpeed V3 Display Mount – MagnoMount


Also available as a #MAGNOMOUNT Kit – or upgrade with our MagnetoSpeed V3 Mount for an off-barrel solution.

The MagnetoSpeed V3 Display Mount is a mounting system for M-LOK and rods.

With MagnoMount Display, you can mount your display to your rifle chassis. Comes with a set of M-LOK screws. You can choose between rod sizes 15 mm or 5/8 inch.

Note: our rod is 15 mm – 5/8 inch and fits MK Machining rods.

Display Holder


Put your MagnetoSpeedV3 Display in our holder for a secure mount to your MagnoMount rod (15 mm) or to you M-LOK mount.

Using our rod mount, you can angle the position of the Display Mount for your needs.Β 

If you have a MK Machining III rod (5/8 inch), you can choose to have our Display Mount delivered with rod holder for that.

M-LOK Adapter


Attach the clip to your Display Mount and our M-LOK mount to your rifle.


You can let your M-LOK mount stay on your rifle.

Click on your rifle


Simply and quickly mount your MagnetoSpeed V3 display to your rifle when needed.

Weight ,5 kg
Rod Size (diameter)

15 mm (G-PARTS), 5/8 inch (MK Machining)

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