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Siderunners for Vision Chassis

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Siderunners for Vision Chassis help you with

  • Enhanced precision, stability, and consistency
  • Improving your recoil management
  • Improves comfort and reduces muscle strain
  • Wide base (flat surface) on your bag
  • Provide a surface for your support hand
  • Textured (grip tape) bottom
  • Easy to install without additional tools or modifications
  • Comes in two height configurations

Note: Only the Standard version is shown mounted on Vision Chassis.

Introducing the game-changing accessory for precision rifle shooters – Siderunners! Our innovative product is specifically designed to attach to your rifle’s chassis, providing you with a wider base for your support bag and a secure grip to hold your rifle down with your hand or thumb.

Designed to be attached to your M-LOK chassis/stock.

  • Enhanced Stability and Precision: With Siderunners, you can achieve greater accuracy and consistency in your shots. The wider base and secure grip help reduce movement and sway, allowing you to maintain a stable shooting platform.
  • Improved Comfort: Siderunners are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable shooting experience. They help reduce fatigue and muscle strain, so you can focus on your aim and not on discomfort.
  • Easy to Install: Our product is quick and easy to install. It attaches seamlessly to your rifle’s chassis, without the need for any additional tools or modifications.
  • Durable and Reliable: Siderunners are made from high-quality carbon-enriched material, ensuring they are built to last.
  • Versatile: Our product is compatible with a range of precision rifle chassis, making it a versatile accessory for any shooter. It can be used for a variety of shooting scenarios, including long-range, tactical, and positional shooting.

Invest in Siderunners today and take your precision rifle shooting to the next level. Experience enhanced precision, improved comfort, and a more versatile shooting platform.


Comes as a pair (left and right).

Available in Standard and Flush models.

The β€œStandard” model is designed to allow a tripod or other Arca accessories to be mounted. Does NOT block Arca rail.

The β€œFlush” model flushes with the bottom of your forend. This version blocks your Arca rail. The benefit of this model is the wider base.


  • 4 x Screws
  • 1 x Allen key (optional)

Find our range of Siderunners for different chassis types.

Weight 0,3 kg

Flush, Standard

Incl. Allen key


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